Traveling on PR Budget

January 11, 2015 admin 0 Comments

With the demands that the Public relations industry puts forth, it is essential to keep travel budgets in check to ensure that costs stay within limits. In such a high-paced environment, where many activities are important in spreading a specific message to the targeted audience, PR firms need to maintain a level of communication with them in order to strengthen the core values conveyed. One such activity that entails considerable travel is a Media Tour.

This would normally involve a higher budget since this covers a lot of ground and distance. It would often involve speaking engagements to target audiences. To further capitalize on the support of clients being handled, why not ask for sponsorship of some of the stops on the itinerary, with the mutual benefit of highlighting the company logo and slogan of your client.

On display at the Media Tour could be company paraphernalia and leaflets, brochures, as well as marketing materials showcasing the client’s advocacy or central message; all this in exchange for a subsidy on your hotel accommodation, meals and transportation costs for that particular leg of your media tour, to be shouldered by your client.

Another way to bring an extra bang to the allocated PR budget while being on travel is to invite local bloggers to your PR event well in advance. What you will gain by doing this is extra mileage at little to no additional cost. While maximizing your budget, you are also creating and paving extra channels for your message to be heard or sent across. Bloggers have the unique influence, thanks to their legions of followers and the proven power of the internet through social media marketing, to attract and grow extra numbers to their fold. What better way for PR practitioners to capitalize on this than to become a close professional contact of these bloggers. It is surely an inexpensive yet effective way to spread the message to the community wherein it operates.

All it takes is to plan ahead and tailor fitting your program to the expertise and focus of the bloggers. This ensures that the impact of your message is clear and concise at the event, while the bloggers amplify this message after the event through their blog entries. Again this will capture a broader spectrum of audiences, while adding little or nothing at all to the travel budget, and more importantly, managing and not going over it.




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